How to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-made one


Carpet is one of the most important and famous Iranian handicrafts that is known all over the world. Iranian carpets are woven by hardworking Iranians since ancient times as one of the Iranian arts. Carpet panels are smaller examples of carpets that are generally made in dimensions of 2 x 3 meters. Today’s carpets are woven by hand and by machine, which have many differences in addition to the similarities between them. In this post, we are going to discuss the difference between hand-woven and machine-made carpets.

Machine-made carpet panel
Machine-made carpets are quickly mass-produced through textile machines. Weaving of carpets and rugs is done with a machine, so in a short period of time, you can produce a carpet and rug. The type of fibers and colors used in it are synthetic and ultimately have a cheaper price.
But the hand-woven carpet panel is more expensive; Natural fibers and colors are used in this carpet and all knots are done by human hands.

Another thing to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-made one is paying attention to the roots of the carpet; The roots of the carpet in the hand-woven carpet are a part of the carpet and form the warp threads, but in the machine-made carpet, these threads are not part of the carpet and are somehow sewn to it. Silk is used, which is finer and heavier than brighter cotton threads

The difference between hand-woven and machine-made carpets

Carpet design
In a general and detailed look at the carpet panel, if you notice its high and precise symmetry, it may be a machine-made carpet panel; Because this does not happen in hand-woven carpets; Basically, the design of this type of carpets is not symmetrical and shows a general picture.

carpet weft
On the sides of the hand-woven carpet, the stitches are done by hand, as a result, they may not be regular and not placed in a straight line, but in the machine-made carpet, the sides are stitched with the machine in the same way and the same size.

Persian knot
Natural colors are used in hand-woven carpets, so look for natural colors, red, indigo, shades of yellow, etc. Synthetic dyes in synthetic fibers penetrate into the fibers while natural dyes only cover the surface. Bend the carpet to separate some threads and if you notice subtle unevenness, then you are dealing with natural colors.

The budget of hand-woven and machine-made carpets
Hand-woven and machine-made carpets have different prices; Silk hand-woven carpets are one of the most expensive hand-woven carpets; But wool carpets are more available and have a better price among handwoven carpets. Hand-woven carpets have a higher price than machine-made carpets, machine-made carpets are cheaper, so one of the obvious differences between hand-woven carpets and
Machine carpets are the price.

The above may help you distinguish between hand-woven and machine-made carpets, but in some cases, machine-made carpets are produced with high density and precision, which makes it difficult to distinguish them from hand-woven carpets. Therefore, if you intend to buy a carpet; It is better not to rush. Intrude into different shops and touch the carpets closely and see behind them.
Buy carpets that are not framed so that you can easily examine them and see the weave and the back of the work; In this regard, you can get help from experts.

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