The way of knots in Iranian carpets


Persian knots
It is a knot that is used by carpet weavers in Persian-speaking regions such as Arak, Mashhad, Birjand, Kerman, Isfahan, Nain, Kashan, and Qom. Contrary to popular belief, Sanandaj rugs are woven with Turkish knots

Persian knots
A knot that is tied around one thread and comes out from behind the next thread, which is of two types according to the direction: Persian knot left to right and Persian knot right to left.

Turkish knots
Because the carpets and rugs of the Turkish-speaking regions such as Shirvan Ganja Qara, Bagh Qafkaz Tabriz, Haris and Hamadan and various types of handwovens of Qashqai tribes of Fars are woven with this knot, they call it Turkish knot.

Turkish knots
A knot that is tied around the two threads of the carpet pile

In different regions of Iran, different methods are used for carpet weaving. This diversity is also common in the types of knotting, and each region uses a special type of knot according to the history of the texture and the way it is used.

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