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What is the reason for the difference in the price of carpets with the same design?

- The quality of the materials used and the main colors used;
- The integrity of the texture; , lack of centrality of the carpet;
- whether the carpet is new or used;
- presence of repairs in the carpet;

What is the difference in the high price of all Qom silk carpets?

In most all-silk carpets, the brand of a manufacturer and probably the name of the city of Qom is woven into the carpet and visible.
But you should know that all-silk carpets In addition to the city of Qom, it is woven in cities such as Zanjan, Maragheh and Bonab, and the Qom brand is also woven in them. .

In addition to the production method of machine and hand-woven carpets, what other differences are there in these two types of carpets?
> are considered capital goods. In other words, despite the consumption and depreciation, the price of the carpet will grow according to the inflation of the society and your capital will not be lost.
However, this issue includes original and flawless carpets. Therefore, you should consider several points when buying
Are you a manufacturer?

Keep in mind that carpet production takes place in two stages.
Carpet design
Carpet texture
These two are separate.< br />The weaver buys the design from the designer, prepares the consumables and weaves it.
Therefore, it can be said that more than 90% of the carpets are produced personally by the weaver.
Number Very few of the people who produce carpets have a direct sales network.
Most carpet sellers either buy the carpet directly from the weavers or procure it through one or more intermediaries and then proceed to sell it.