How to distinguish a fake carpet from an original one


Carpet is one of the most important and famous Iranian handicrafts that is known all over the world. Before buying a handmade carpet, it is very important to know how to distinguish a high-quality carpet from a low-quality carpet.
Carpet experts believe that the artistic value of a carpet depends on the amount of use of natural colors and the harmony of these colors, but the price of a carpet or rug is more dependent on the pattern and color of the thread and its weft and pile and the amount of fine and coarse weave. It is related.

Methods of detecting handwoven carpets

Examining the carpet in terms of design and size (symmetry)
To buy a carpet, you should pay attention to its size. A few centimeters difference in the dimensions of the carpet is normal and is one of the characteristics of the handmade carpet; But a size difference more than this, especially in small rugs, is considered a carpet defect. By folding the carpet in the middle, you can recognize the symmetry of the design with respect to the axes that pass through the center of the carpet. If the distance from the top and bottom edges of the carpet to the middle of the rug differs by more than 3 cm, the value and price of the carpet will be reduced.

Ensuring the stability of carpet colors
The carpet should be examined from different angles and in natural light, the color of the carpet in the sleeping direction looks darker than the color of the carpet in the opposite direction. As a result, the design lines can be seen more clearly in the direction of the sleep picture.
Do not forget that the color of the carpet should be uniform on its entire surface, especially in plain floor carpets, two-tone and color disturbance will appear more. Make sure that the color of the carpet is rich and complete enough and that the end part of the pile does not differ from the color of the carpet surface. be; Such a color difference shows that the carpet is painted with ink colors.
Note, you can make sure that the colors of the carpet are stable by rubbing a piece of wet cloth on the parts suspected to be colored.

Checking the quality of carpet piles
Carpet pile should be durable, shiny and flexible. Carpets with soft pile are less durable and tend to absorb dust more than carpets with thick pile.

Check the back of the carpet for density
The beating of the wefts and the uniformity of the design
The most important factor that you should pay attention to when choosing a hand-woven carpet is the texture of the carpet. To ensure the quality of the weave behind the carpet, by studying the back of the carpet, you can better understand points such as the number of knots, the density of the wefts and the uniformity of the design.

Checking the carpet for decay and decay
For this, it is enough to carefully check the back of the carpet. The parts that have an awkward texture or are probably rotten or worn out can be better identified from the back of the carpet. The damaged parts are usually rougher and stronger than other parts of the carpet, and with a little attention you can see the signs of corrosion in them. In addition, by folding the carpet in the suspected parts of decay, you will hear a slight sound of breaking.

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