How to calculate knots in Kashan handwoven carpet


house (house)
This term is used in the type of carpet knot counting in Kashan and Isfahan carpets, every ten rows (knots) of one house are counted. That is, half the width of the carpet is considered and the number of knots is counted. For example, 420 counted nodes are equivalent to 42 houses or 560 counted nodes are equivalent to 56 houses.
42 houses equal to 30 rows
45 houses equal to 35 raj
56 houses equal to 40 raj
66 houses equal to 50 raj

The materials used in Kashan carpets are wool or fluff. Of course, wool and silk or fluff and silk are used in the texture of piles on the carpet. In general, the weaving system of Kashan (house) carpets can be classified as follows based on the materials used and according to the size of the carpet.
The materials used are crack
Size: 6 meters, 52 houses
Size 9 meters, 64 houses
Size: 12 meters, 72 houses

The material used is wool
Size: 6 meters, 42 houses
Size 9 meters, 52 houses
Size 12 meters, 60 houses

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