What factors are effective in the texture of a handmade carpet?


The symmetry of the carpet design

Symmetry in the design of the carpet is one of the factors that you should pay attention to when buying a hand-woven carpet. In a good hand-woven carpet, the symmetry in the design is fully observed.

Fullness or not being thin

The carpet must be drawn regularly. It means that all the tufts are placed next to each other with the same distance.

No breakage of the carpet

Diagnosing this case requires a high degree of expertise because carpet flowers, such as Shah Abbasi, hanging, star, etc., have standard sizes.
If the standard shape and size are not observed in the texture of these flowers; The value of the carpet is reduced.

Not having two lines in the background

To detect the absence of two streaks, place the carpet in natural light. If the colors of the carpet are on the same level, it indicates that the carpet is original.

Not having a case, head, shoulder
These defects are among the important and influential defects. So you need to familiarize yourself with these terms
Head means that the other half of the carpet is shorter than the other half.
Short shoulder and long carpet frame
The case of protrusion in parts of the carpet

No decay and decay
To detect this, it is enough to carefully check the back of the carpet. The parts that are rotten or wrinkled can be easily examined from the back of the carpet.

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